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Ornamental Bee | Dogs

Ornamental Bee | Dogs

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Each crafted Bee is a testament to history, meticulously handmade from recycled materials. Designed with both beauty and user-friendliness in mind, these original works of art hail from Louisville, KY, and all are priced equally.

Sizing ranges from a delicate 1" to a commanding 7", with the majority lovingly fashioned from recycled antique picture frames, some with origins dating back to 1860-1880. For a unique touch, some Bees are even crafted from charred inner portions of bourbon barrel staves.

The frames themselves become canvases, adorned with gilded ornaments—horses, dogs, insects, ceramics, curiosities, and various antique objects—all seamlessly integrated into these captivating compositions. Displaying them is as effortless as appreciating their rich history and intricate design.

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