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Old Fashioned Glasses

Old Fashioned Glasses

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Elegantly designed in homage to the awe-inspiring archways that line the iconic bridge of Venice, these Glasses arrive in four striking silhouettes with fourteen unique shades; the Old Fashioned is ideally suited to a spirit, while the Coupe is ready for everything from champagne to sorbet, and both the Tumbler and the Tulip are admirably suited for both water and wine.

Finished by hand in Turkey, requires a multi-step process that is executed by artisans. No two are exactly alike, and subtle nuances in depth of color and cutwork are to be expected and embraced. Choose between these opaque colors: Salmon, Oxblood, Crème, Pale Sage, Warm Gray, and Saffron, or these translucent colors: Moon Glow, Thistle, Lolita, Kitten, Millicent, Menthe, Ginger, and Limoncello.

12 oz.

Made in Turkey. 

Care instructions: Hand-wash with a soft cloth and soapy water.

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